Boost Your Productivity With The Best 6 Apps in 2019

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In general, productivity is the effect of a productive effort to produce the desired output. Furthermore, it is how much you can get done given a particular timeframe.

Oftentimes, people only become productive if they are being monitored or supervised. For a lot of people, constant prodding and motivating are necessary to ensure that all goals are met.

Whether you want to be more productive at work or at home, there are now tools that can help you get more things done. Thanks to the advancements in technology, productivity aids, from time tracker apps to note-taking tools, have been invented to speed up people's performance.

6 practical productivity apps you need right now


When it comes to cross-platform to-do list apps, many people prefer over Asana. The former allows users to split tasks into groups according to date or in custom folders. It has a clean, intuitive design.

Pro: It allows

users to easily create tasks for the group.

Con: Doesn't have the necessary features, like priority and labels, which allow for easy filtering and retrieving.

2. Calm

Office work or college life can be hectic and thus, stressful. You don't have to be stressed all the time, though.

Calm is a meditation app that offers meditation guides that come in different lengths.

Pro: Comes with a limited number of meditative guides.

Con: You'll need to sign up for a paid account to get the full version of the app.

3. MindMeister

Planning can be hard because doing it without any visual aid can mess up your mind.

If you're someone who likes scribbling notes and organizing your thoughts, then MindMeister is for you. It's the app that will help you map your mind and create a cleaner outline of your goals so you can easily track your progress.

Pro: It's free and comes with three mind maps for free.

Con: You need to a get paid subscription to unlock an unlimited number of projects.

4. Evernote

Evernote is considered a core app by many people. You can use it to list everything, organize your schedules, save ideas, create to-do lists, take notes, keep pictures, etc. It's a really cool app that can make your life easier. Plus, it has an amazing speech-to-text feature that makes taking notes so much easier.

Pro: It can be synced with all your devices, including laptop,

Con: Its paid monthly subscription fee is too expensive.

5. 24me

This is a smart, visual assistant app that will make setting appointments, taking notes, and organizing your schedule get done like a breeze. It can also provide notifications and heads-up to notify you of meetings or other appointments.

Pro: Create tasks through or take down notes using Amazon Alexa, Siri, and Apple Watch.

Con: Only a paid subscription can offer more options, like turning emails to tasks, more customizations options, etc.

6. Toggl

This makes time tracking a breeze, which is especially useful for teams. This can be used using a mobile phone or PC with data syncing features between the two devices. Aside from that, you can also organize, edit, or tag entries with so much heat.

Pro: Simple with an inviting UI.

Con: Advanced features are only available to paid subscriptions.

Whether you're looking to achieve more during the day or lead your team to glory, these productivity apps are definitely for you.

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