How To Overcome Fear While Starting A Business

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When starting a business being strong and dealing with the fears that come with a business is important.

Which is why starting a business is not for everyone. Not everyone can take the risk, or handle these fears.

Here are some of the fears that one may come across while venturing into starting their own business;

1. Fear of Self It is the fear stemming from low confidence. It’s difficult to believe in your idea when you don’t believe in yourself, and your capabilities. Having said that, being overconfident can mess things up too.

A little self-doubt helps be more cautious and less casual about the business. Finding that balance, where you are scrutinizing each move, at the same time confident enough to take some risk is great. This comes with experience and introspection.

2. Fear of Others

This probably strikes the hardest; from the get-go, you will hear all kinds of negative comments about your business. At times they will come from people you would want support from the most.

But living in fear of others is useless, and I’ll tell you why; they don’t have to live with the consequences of your business’ success or failure. Only you will have to deal with it. Positive or negative. So why take seriously the words of those who won’t be part of the struggle, the fight, the positive or the negative?

Your energy and time while starting a business is crucial for you; don’t waste it.

To see if there’s any relevance in their words. Some haters tend to voice very legitimate concerns, so do take a moment to ponder and see if it’s really significant. Wise entrepreneurs think of different scenarios and plans, rather than live them and waste his time and money.

3. Fear of the Unknown This takes away the night sleep (apart from the excitement and fleeting images of a luxurious life filled with success).

I have had sleepless nights when I was starting my Sunday school; there were endless to-do lists and ideas that kept popping, along with problems and their solutions. The night is the haven of the entrepreneur; the silence helps hear your own thoughts and also the fears of the unknown and unsolicited.

‘What if?’ Is the scariest and extremely valid for the most part. This fear is needed to keep the excitement flowing but shouldn’t consume you. It shouldn’t come in the way of your confidence, make you weak, and instead just keep you alert.

Do not let the fear of the unknown control your business, and make you a procrastinating snail. A good business, and a sane entrepreneur don’t waste time on the problem, their focus is always solution. So if you are fearful of what you don’t know, tell yourself, that you will sort it with the unknown ideas which will come from your faith and will to make your business a success

4. Fear of Failure This is the most dynamic fear; the root fear of all business, the fear of failing. While it is valid, and we shouldn’t be too over confident about our ideas that we consider ourselves invincible; the only way to deal with this failure is to be smart about the decisions you make.

The failed business shouldn’t impact the dependents, your family, your children, and yourself to a point that you are on the road.

Leave a margin for those who are living off your efforts, it’s not ethical to not consider the impact on them. This way the failure of the business would result in set-back but not harm those who are dependent on you.

Reading stories of other entrepreneurs helps in developing skills to manage these fears. Even quotes or their experiences of failures can prepare us to be more vigilant and smart. Be wise and take advice from the experienced.

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